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Nonseminoma Cancer

"There are several types of nonseminoma tumors, including embryonal carcinoma, malignant teratoma, choriocarcinoma, and yolk sac tumor. These tumors are usually made up of more than one type of cancer cell" (National Cancer Institute, 2021). 

Treatment for Nonseminoma Cancer:

Dependent upon cancer type and risk, treatment entails an orchiectomy to remove the tumor and treatment by chemotherapy or radiation. An intermediate or high risk prognosis is determined when certain tumor markers are present and evidence of spread to other organ systems is present. - Cancer Connect, 2021

Rob's Diagnosis

Updated 1/16/2021: Based upon the surgeon's observations and lab results, Rob has nonseminoma cancer in Stage 3. There are three stages for Stage 3 and each is dependent to whether cancerous cells have spread to one or more other organ systems. We know that there are tumors present in his lungs and a lesion on his liver. Rob's surgeon feared a rare and aggressive type of cancer, so an analysis on the tumor's pathology is underway. 

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